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Many times, the most successful salesperson in the organization cannot articulate how or why they are so successful, they just are - year after year.  Unfortunately, given today's competitive environment and razor thin margins, the sales organization is not able to scale with the same philosophy.

Sales Operations is transactional by its very nature. Consider the fires that pop up almost constantly:

  • This week it's developing a set of sales tools for a new product (collateral, competitive information, pricing, compensation spiffs, CRM integration, rep training, press release, contract integration, etc.)...
  • Next week it will be data cleansing for targeted calling lists (it's supposed to be in your CRM but it's not clean, there are other Excel lists with Marketing, 4 reps who refuse to use the system, etc.)...
  • All the while, planning is required for the sales meeting, forecast review and new corporate presentation promised next month...

Sound familiar?

SalesOpsNOW gives you the flexibility to drive any or all parts of the daily Sales Operations grind to completion with unparalleled sales polish. And, while the deliverable is important, maybe more valuable is an eye toward the future. What good are SalesOps deliverables that only have a shelf-life of a few months? Our ultimate performance objective is to help you meet long-term sales (and organizational) strategy without compromising short-term productivity.

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