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Some Specific Scenarios

We thought it would be useful to provide some specifc examples where SalesOpsNOW has provided tangible results in a solution-oriented sales environment. Each of these project-oriented solutions provide real value to sales while balancing cost and shelf-life.

CRM User Adoption

You must achieve 100% user adoption to reach system ROI. SalesOpsNOW can help by first auditing your current adoption roadblocks and then implementing a solution that balances salesperson-relevant system workflow (the carrot) with management reliance (the stick).

Pricing Calculator

Often, the absence of "decision tree" pricing leads to de-valued solutions with little upside opportunity - solution components are often forgotten or "thrown in" during negotiation with no ascribed value. This is what happens with a "price list" approach to pricing. SalesOpsNOW can solve this with an automated pricing calculator (MS Excel or Apple Numbers) that will provide speed, uniformity and accountability to your solution pricing. Administration

Having trouble getting set up just right? Need to make changes, merge data, add customizations or improve data flow? SalesOpsNOW can do all of these things while maximizing the salesperson's acceptance and reliance on the system. Specifically, this would include things like:

  1. Optimizing workflow, so data is input once and leveraged to other objects as needed.
  2. Locking down key fields for standardized input (for better reporting) and guaranteed entry (for better data integrity).
  3. Custom object creation for integration of other sales-related operations (e.g. contracts, project management, inside sales, etc.)

Don't rely or expect a "Salesforce Admin" to get these things done the right way - it simply does not happen.

Proposal Template

Proposals can be a real selling tool if done properly...or a marketing disaster if not. While sales should always be calling high and wide, the reality is that your proposal will reach levels and areas of your customer's organization that your salesperson can only dream about. SalesOpsNOW can assemble and create an automated proposal template (MS Word or Apple Pages) that will lift the burden of assembly and writing (whew!) from your salesperson.  The end result will be a more professional, consistent and complete solution presentation to your target audience...and beyond.

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